Norcem Kjøpsvik

Norcem Kjøpsvik is the northernmost cement plant in the world. It has a yearly production at about 0.5 million tons of cement, and 150 employees. 

The cement plant in Kjøpsvik was established in 1918 as Nordland Portland Cementfabrik, wich in 1968 merged with two other cement plants in Norway to form Norcem. The plant plays a key role in the community of Kjøpsvik.Besides the market in Northern Norway, the plant in Kjøpsvik has long tradition of producing cement and clinker for export markets. The capacity of handling large vessels has been an important asset to enable this export. 

Norcem Kjøpsvik

Adress: Behrens vei 15, 8590 Kjøpsvik
Phone: +47 75 78 50 00


Contact persons:

Plant manager:Klaus Hvassing
HR Manager:Kjell-Hugo Solheim
Mine manager:Lisbeth Storhaug
Production manager:Tom Nordal
Maintenance manager:Alex Berthelsen
External environment:Annika Steien


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