Norcem Brevik

Norcem Brevik has a production of 1.2 million tons of cement and about 180 employees. The plant is situated in the municipality of Porsgrunn, in the county of Telemark.

The cement plant in Brevik was established as Dalen Portland Cementfabrik in 1916 and celebrates its 100 years anniversary in 2016. It is located with a deep harbor wich enables vessels up to 40.000 tons to load and unload.

The Norcem Brevik plant is amont the leading cement plants in Europe in respect to the use of alternative fuels. These fuels are based on ordinary and hazardous waste, pre-treated to suit the cement plant. The use of alternative fuels means recovery of energy as well as destruction of hazardous substances due to the high temperature in the cement kiln.

Since 2013 a unique carbon capture project has been running at the plant. Different technologies has been tested with the aim of finding the best solution for the cement plant. The project partners are Gassnova, ECRA, HeidelbergCement and Norcem. 

Norcem Brevik

Adress: Setreveien 2, NO-3950 Brevik
Phone: +47 35 57 20 00


Contact persons:

Plant manager:

Trond Kaasa
Operational manager:Tor Gautestad
HSE manager:Jorunn Gundersen
Mine manager:Trond Kaasa
Proction manager:Tarald Syvertsen
HR manager:Randi Kleven